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Welcome to Couvert D’amour London


It all began in 2016 after the birth of her first baby, when London born founder and designer Vanessa Anne started hand-making luxury home décor items such as quilts and cushions for her close friends and family.
After the first two quilts were made and the recipients loved them, Vanessa’s desire to create products for the home that people would love and cherish was sparked and thus the brand was born.
Couvert D’amour which means Covered with love is at the heart of the brand. It is Vanessa’s love for interior design mixed with her belief that the home is the place where love should be felt the most, is what drives the details for each collection.
All of our products are designed in our London studio and made in the UK.
What you can expect from Couvert D’amour is unique, fun, sophisticated and elegant designs. Featuring bold colours, delicate details and high-quality finishes.
We hope you will love our products just as much as we do.